How I Used Vacation Time to Relax and Reflect on my Goals

I am sitting here looking out on the Chesapeake Bay feeling at peace. Our son is napping so I stayed up in the condo while my husband is at the pool with our daughter and her best friend (who came with us on vacation). We are on vacation for a week in Ocean City, Maryland.

I am using this time to relax and unwind, but also to reflect on the goals I want to achieve in the coming months. I am thinking about how I am going to manage my time better when I get back. I am thinking of more effective ways to get more done.

I wanted to bring a good personal development book on this trip, so I decided on “Better Than Before, Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives” by Gretchen Rubin. 

In this book, Gretchen discusses how the secret to mastering habits and goals is to first evaluate yourself, determine if you an “Upholder”, “Questioner”, “Obliger” or a “Rebel” and then act accordingly. I am an Obliger which means I don’t have a problem committing to external deadlines such as work project deadlines or obeying laws, but I have an issue meeting my personal deadlines such as working out consistently.

The key for Obligers is to set outside accountability. For example, if an Obliger wanted to start running, they could join a 5k group. They wouldn’t want to let the group down by not accomplishing goals and that would drive their personal accountability. I am definitely going to keep this in mind when striving to meet my personal goals.

Health and Fitness
I really need to get better at portion control, watching my carbs and being more physically active. I will be turning 35 in May 2019 so I would love to have “baby abs” by the time my next birthday comes. I am not going to set a particular weight loss goal, but I want to be fit, toned and full of energy.

I have a meal plan and exercise plan in place to help me achieve my goal. I purchased meal portion containers to help measure my food when I meal prep. I am going to try and workout a minimum of 30 minutes per day. (Add cross out over try and workout)

As far as career goals go, I want KiwiEYES to be on the road to success. January will be one year since I started this journey. My goal is to have an average of 500 page views per day by December 31. I plan to use Pinterest more effectively in order to achieve this goal. I have revamped my morning routine so I can blog in the morning. Studies have shown that most people are more productive in the morning. I am also avoiding email and social media in the morning because those are huge distractions for me.

My husband and I have some financial goals we want to achieve. We want to save for our kid’s college education and our retirement. My dream is to flip houses with my husband, so the plan is to save as much as possible. I created a budget spreadsheet and we discussed how we can tighten our monthly expenses to help increase our savings.

From left to right: My daughter’s best friend Vicky, our son Anthony and our daughter Emily

For those who don’t know, I recently became fully initiated into the Catholic church (I was baptized, confirmed and had my first communion on Easter 2018). My husband is a cradle Catholic so he completed his sacraments as a child. Our 2005 wedding was only a civil ceremony, so we plan to “convalidate” our marriage in the Catholic church this September. The other goal I have is to spend more quality alone time with my husband. We discussed spending an hour or two alone every Sunday, so hopefully we can find a way to make this happen.

Personal Development
My husband is a native of Guatemala and his family speaks Spanish. I really want to become fluent. I am actually kind of embarrassed that we have been together for over 16 years and I’m not fluent yet. I also want our kids to be fluent in Spanish. I plan on blocking out time throughout the week to practice Spanish and may even listen to the Mango app while I am driving.

The balcony bay view from our vacation condo in Ocean City, MD

Towards the end of our vacation my husband and I were talking about the fact that we had to go back to work soon. I told him that my goal for the both of us is to create a life that we enjoy so we don’t dread it when our vacations are almost over. I am motivated to build my blog to the point that I can earn an income from it. I am also motivated for my husband and I to flip houses together. I know that the road to achieving both of these goals is not an easy one, but I am up for the challenge.

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