Frugal Organization: I Organized my Spices for $3

I cook at least five to six days a week, so it occurred to me that it was taking too long to find my spices.  This was due to the fact that my spice cabinet was very disorganized.  During a trip to the Dollar Tree, I had a brainstorm to use some of the bins to organize my spices.

I purchased two Long Slotted Multi-Purpose Plastic Baskets 3 count packs in blue and one bright plastic locker bin in blue.

First, I went through all the spices and threw out the expired ones. I was quite surprised to see how many items were expired. Then I took everything out, put them into the bins and put it back into the cabinet.  Since then my life has been a lot easier when it comes to finding spices.

Before: Messy and Disorganized
After: Organized and Functional

I have always been a fan of the Dollar Tree.  I love looking for Dollar Tree DIY projects on Pinterest and YouTube.  Stay tuned for more articles on ways to use Dollar Tree Products!

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