10 Ways to Show Leadership at Work

Over the years, I have learned that those who are proactive tend to be more successful in their lives and in their careers. Employers look for leaders who are willing to go above and beyond. The trick is to find a balance between being proactive, but not overly aggressive.

Here are some ways to show your co-workers that you are a leader.

  1. Don’t wait to be told by your boss to complete tasks. Be a self-starter and do them on your own. Your boss will appreciate this and will consider this to be a leadership quality.

2. Don’t wait until the last minute to finish projects. Try to look ahead and plan accordingly. I have learned to not only block out meetings in my calendar, but also block out time to work on specific projects. This helps ensure that they get done on time.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you ask questions, it shows that you want to do a good job, but your boss or colleagues will appreciate the fact that you didn’t hesistate to ask questions to avoid potential errors in your work.

4. Take the lead. If you know that a project is coming down the pike, start planning for it and get the ball rolling. This is also a great leadership quality.

5. Make a recommendation. This shows that you are confident enough to voice your opinion and you’re not just the type of person who just sits back and observes.

6. If you want that raise or promotion, don’t be afraid to ask. It never hurts to ask for what you want or to even say to your boss “What do I need to do to get that promotion or raise?”

7. Don’t do the bare minimum. Go the extra mile. Go above and beyond the scope of work. Your boss and colleagues will pick up on this and will see you as an asset to the team.

8. Don’t be a complainer. Your boss will definitely not see complaining in a positive light and may even think you can’t handle your responsibilities if you tend to complain about your job.

9. Don’t bash others or make negative comments about your co-workers. You don’t see too many negative people in leadership roles. Successful people tend to be more positive. No one wants to have a Negative Nancy on their team. Even if you’re not the smiling, bubbly type, you can at least make an effort to keep your comments to yourself.

10. Be smart and resourceful. If you don’t know how to do something, try your best to figure out how to do it. Use the internet to find a guide or ask someone on your team to show you.

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